[lbackup-discussion] Is there any step by step text backup instruction on how to use lbackup

Daniel.Li reply to this message via the mailing list
Wed Apr 1 15:37:19 NZDT 2009

Dear Henri,
I have successfully install your deb package on my system, but i didn't
get it working yet.

I know that there are quite a lot of videoes, which illustrates how to
use lbackup. Yeah, it's great! But I got tired yesterday night, I went
to sleep.

Well, u know, I'm in company now, and I don't have an headphone right
now. So it's NOT that convenient for me to consult the video when I have
some trouble.

And line by line instruction is easy for fresh man, like me, to get a
basic understanding of the software.

So what I'm suggesting, or maybe there is already an text instruction
available, please help to point me to the page. Thanks

BTW, I didn't found any of this kind docs both on website and mail list,
and I just saw most threads in mail archive is from u and me :(

Can u help me! Thanks in advance.

My case:
a) Backup a source code folder
b) Get a daily snapshot
c) Use commands to restore to any empty folder with specified daily

I wanna use this for pre-demo code management, which is *NOT* necessary
for SCM management!



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