[lbackup-discussion] Backup Error Emails - Update

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Tue Nov 3 16:49:11 NZDT 2009

> It could be addressed with a custom mail script or a post hook.  I  
> am happy to sort out the disk usage. This should be very trivial to  
> implement so that the information in in the log. I think that this  
> is also a good feature to add to the mail templates as well. Again,  
> this could be an option in the mail configuration file.

The latest alpha build 0.9.8.r2-alpha9 comes with an example pre-hook  
which adds the disk usage of a system to the log. If this log is  
mailed then you will have access to the disk usage on the server.

This is a very basic start of something which could be more complex  
and offer more functionality. Hopefully, this script will inspire  
someone to make which offers more information in the log and could  
potentially stop the backup if there is a small amount of disk space.

The LBackup 0.9.8r2 release will not have support for disk usage  
within the mail templates. If you are able to provide a patch then  
there is a good chance it will be incorporated into LBackup 0.9.8r3.  
However, please keep the following in mind.

The idea behind the lmail template subsystem which currently has been  
in place for well over 3 years, is that in a future release of lmail  
it will be possible to specify within the configuration file, exactly  
which mail templates you would like to use on a per backup  
configuration basis. It is important to work towards an easily  
editable the template script sub-system as I outlined above. However,  
this is not going to make it into the upcoming 0.9.8r2 release.

In the mean time, if you are not up to working on a patch, then simply  
edit the installed templates and make a backup (should you updated  
LBackup) and please also send me a copy, so I am able to clearly  
understand what you are after with regards email reporting output from  

The email templates are currently located in the following directory  
on a system with LBackup installed : /usr/local/libexec/lbackup/ 

Any further feed back is warmly welcomed. Thank you again for all of  
your suggestions.

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