[lbackup-discussion] OSX Server: Full System (Configuration) Backup

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Tue Feb 23 23:45:11 NZDT 2010

First of all: Yes, I've read most of all information of the official page and know LBackup is designed to perform backups of user data.I'd like to backup my whole server configuration over the network. 
Is it possible to backup and restore every directory on my server? For example I've read that CCC can't backup /private/var/spool (mail service) data.Does somebody use LBackup for backup the system configuration? Which directories have to be included?
Other questions:Is it right that I need HFS+ formated network location to preserve the permissions and other meta-data?Is it right that I have to rsync 3 to restore data to preserve the permissions and other meta-data (cp command won't work?)?
Thank you for your help!pat 		 	   		  
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