[lbackup-discussion] Sample configuration for snapshot-backup on external TC harddisk

Matt Rosales reply to this message via the mailing list
Sat Feb 27 03:27:17 NZDT 2010

Hi All,

I'm trying to get my lbackup set up functionally, but have hit some
road blocks and find the documentation to be less than helpful. Its
too bad there is no wiki or forum on the lbackup.org website? I've
searched through this mailing archive a bit, but haven't been able to
find my answer. Anyway, here's the setup:

I am setting up lbackup on OS X 10.6 soley because I want a fully
encrypted snapshot backup of my system: Time-machine will only make
backups when logged out if the home folder is encrypted...
Compilation and installation have succeeded. I have formatted a 750gb
external hard drive with TrueCrypt, which is mounted under /Volumes/

First hurdle:
As mentioned, I want incremental, comprehensive system snapshots, but
am unsure as to what directories to include, or how to properly set up
the configuration file to do this. The documentation on lbackup.org
only has a simplistic configuration listed, and so I am not sure if
the default function of lbackup is to call rsync for snapshots... Does
anyone have a configuration file they can share so I can get a feel
for what I need to do?

Second hurdle:
I made a test configuration file, however on execution I get this error:

WARNING! : Permissions are disabled on backup destination volume.
           It is recommended that permissions on the destination
volume are enabled.
           Failure to enable permissions will most likely result in
the hard link system failing.
           Permissions may be enabled by issuing the following command as root :
           /usr/sbin/vsdbutil -a /Volumes/Athens Backup

I have tried executing this command, which seems to succeed, however I
am getting the same error. The truecrypt volume is formatted with
HFS+. Is it OK to modify the config file to suppress this error? Since
lbackup.org recommends using truecrypt as a way to encrypt backups, I
assume that someone else has seen this problem.

Thanks for the enlightenment! Is there any movement to make a wiki or
something around lbackup?


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