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Wed Dec 7 11:44:48 NZDT 2011

Hello Jamie,

>> Also, a couple of further questions : 
>> (1) Have you run LBackup successfully in the past with the current configuration
> Not from this source directory, but from others. 
>> (2) Is the destination for the backup on a DAS or is it accessed via the network?
> Both source and target are local directories, not networked. 
> Thanks again

Okay great good to know. I suspect the issue is related to the capitalization within the destination file system.

As such, I would also suggest that you make the following change within the configuration file as previously mentioned.

> # Backup Source (no trailing slash is required)
> backupSource=/volumes/Data
> to 
> # Backup Source (no trailing slash is required)
> backupSource=/Volumes/Data

I also suggest that you comment out the following line within your configuration file : 

> abort_if_permisions_on_volume_not_set="NO"

To enable permissions on the destination volume (highly recommended) you may issue the following command from a root shell : 

> /usr/sbin/vsdbutil -a /Volumes/Data

There are other approaches to enabling the permissions on the destination volume. One such approach is mentioned within the "Basic Backup Local Machine" LBackup screen cast : http://www.lbackup.org/screencasts

Please let me know how you get on.

Keep in touch.

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