[lbackup-discussion] LBackup general usage questions

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Thu Jul 12 21:31:03 NZST 2012

> (1) Is there a way to set up LBackup so that it backs up using a
> schedule similar to Apple Time Machine? I.e. I am hoping to do
> something like: keep daily backups for the week, weekly backups for
> the past month, monthly backups until some sort of pre-set limit is
> reached (i.e. less than a certain number of total monthly backups, or
> only keep backups from the past year, etc.) I know this may involve
> some fancy cron work, but is there anything I should do on the LBackup
> end? If you have tips on how to set this up in cron that would be
> great, too.

One more point I thought which may be helpful is that Cronnix is a nice GUI wrapper if you would prefer a GUI than a text editor for editing the crontab on your system : http://www.abstracture.de/projects-en/cronnix

Hopefully this will help you if you are interested in scheduling LBackup with Cron using a GUI tool on Mac OS X.

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