[lbackup-discussion] LBackup general usage questions

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Thu Jul 26 17:20:39 NZST 2012

> How well does lbackup support NTFS filesystems either a source or
> destination? It would be nice if I can backup to a NTFS formatted
> external hard drive via NTFS-3G on my Mac, so that the backup can be
> easily restored on Windows machines, too.

Officially, the only support is to use a disk image as the destination.

I am under the impression that on Windows there are tools which are able to read HFS+ disks. I do not have experience using these.

To date I have not tried to get LBackup running under Cygwin. There have been a number of people discussing this in the past but no one has every come back to say if it worked, what level of success they had or details regarding any issues they encountered.

If you are backing up an NTFS disk (on a Mac OS X based system or via SSH) that would probably work. Again, it is not officially supported. Try it out and see what happens. If there are problems report them so that they can be investigated or for future reference. If you have success then other people may find the information useful.

The main thing is to test is that any required meta-data is preserved. Also, if you are after the space saving hard links it would be worth checking that they are enabled. 

There are ways to write to an NTFS formatted disk on OS X and LINUX. Again no official support. However, try it and report back. 

Others on the list may be able to provide their information regarding their experiences. Possibly some of the people who have expressed an interest in this in the past?

If you require further assistance or have questions then please reply.

Hope this helps.

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