[lbackup-discussion] LBackup reports

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Mon Feb 9 09:54:00 NZDT 2009

The latest release of LBackup has no configuration option available to  
enabling the reporting of which files have been copied. However, such  
an option would be a worth while addition.

There are already plans to include this feature in the next release of  
LBackup. The feature will most likely be implemented using rsync's "-- 
log-file" option.

If you are interested in joining the LBackup discussion mailing list,  
it would be great to further discuss your requirements, so that this  
feature will actually do what you require. In addition, if you join  
the LBackup announce list then you will gain access to the LBackup  
beta release notifications.

Information regarding the LBackup mailing lists is available from the  
following URL :

Below is a list of some rsync options which may do what you require.

> 	    --itemize-changes       output a change-summary for all updates
>             --out-format=FORMAT     output updates using the  
> specified FORMAT
>             --log-file=FILE         log what we're doing to the  
> specified FILE
>             --log-file-format=FMT   log updates using the specified  

In the mean time you could manually edit the backup script and add an  
option such as "--itemize-changes". If you would like assistance with  
patching your copy then please let me know.

Hope this helps.

> Hi all,
> after a recent post about backup solutions for OSX Server, I decided
> to give a try to LBackup, and I'm really happy with the result.
> But, just one question, has anyone been able to get a report of copied
> files?
> LBackup generates a report that says how many files, Kbs and transfers
> the backup has generated, but, is there any way to know wich files
> where backed up?
> Just that.
> Thanks all a lot for your attention and knowledge sharing.

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