[lbackup-discussion] Lbackup reports

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Tue Feb 10 18:56:50 NZDT 2009

Thank you for the great feature suggestion.

Keep in mind that the --itemize-changes will mean that the change log  
will get mixed in with the standard backup log.

However, if you use "--log-file" then the change list will be stored  
as a separate file. Also, unless this file is moved it will be over- 
written when the next backup starts.

So that the next release will hopefully provide  the supported  
features you require, please let me know which option flags you  
finally decide to use.

Thank you again.

> Thanks a lot for your information.
> I'll give a try to --itemize-changes.
> Should I've any trouble, I'll join the list and ask there.
> Thanks again

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