[printersetup-discussion] Un-Pausing local print queues remotely

henri reply to this message via the mailing list
Tue Feb 17 15:56:27 NZDT 2009

You can use the command 'lpadmin' to enable CUPS print queues on your  

If you download PrinterSetup : http://www.lucidsystems.org/printingworks/printersetup

There is a script called "sh-enable-printers.hook" which will enable  
all the queues on the machine.

There is also a script called "sh-cancel-all-printjobs.hook" which  
will cancel all print jobs on all the queues.

These scripts are bundled with PrinterSetup. Once you have downloaded  
PrinterSetup and unzipped the download, open the PrinterSetup  
directory. Then open the "Examples" directory. Next, open the "Handy  
Scripts" directory. These scripts will be in the list of the scripts  
presented to you within the "Handy Scripts" directory.

Hope this helps.

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